From the video we watched in class today, it can basically be gathered that the human race wouldn’t be where it is now without beer.  It created math, cured the sick, and helped with the discovery and creation of America.  Relating this back to our recent reading, beer was invented as a mistake by the first hunter/gatherers and grew into something that could be used as medicine for the Egyptians and as something that could substitute for the unclean water in the middle ages.  Pub songs used to test sobriety of a person created the tune for our national anthem, all because of the inspiration of beer.  This all represents the theme of the technology transfer as beer has been used in so many different settings to solve a variety of different problems.

With beer being such an important part of the human race, it’s no wonder other people from different countries like Ireland and Germany think it’s the most absurd idea that in the U.S., you can drive, you can vote, you can go to prison, you can join the military and die for your country, but unless you are 21, you cannot drink beer 😛

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