The Future is NOW!! – Sustainable Norfolk

My proposal on how to make Norfolk more sustainable involves a lot on improving what is currently in place.  I think that adding little things here and there such a more recycle bins or electric cars can make a big difference.  Not only is it important to make people more aware and give them information on how to “go green”, I emphasize in my proposal that these steps to going green should be able to benefit you personally.  For example, using an electric car will save you money that you would spend on gas, although to give people more incentive to make the switch to an electric car, I suggested that there be specific parking areas that people can charge their cars at in places where they spend a lot of their time at, such as malls or work buildings.

Much of my inspiration came from Germany and the way they save their energy.  An idea that I didn’t mention in my prezi is to charge a small amount whenever you throw out garbage, but if you recycle, it won’t cost you money.  I did not suggest it because I do not think that this idea would go over well in Norfolk, but maybe it would work better in other parts of America.  German’s also save a lot of money through the way they heat and cool their houses.  My parents recently moved to Germany and their house is a typical German style house.  There are no vents in the house, but instead, they have specialized windows and doors that they crack open for about 10 minutes each day to circulate the air.  This allows the house to be sealed tighter and keep the warm air in.  There are two ways they heat the house: one is by the floor that generate heat, and another is through a fireplace which also provides the heat for the water in the house.  This eliminates the need for a gas furnace altogether.

I suggest that we use multiple renewable-energy resources, such as solar, wind, and water, to provide energy for the city.  If one energy source is not abundant for one day (for example, if it was a cloudy day), it would not be that great of an issue because another form of energy could be used instead (such as water power).  Although some of these changes can be made without effecting the current architecture such as the recycle bins, other changes are a little more difficult to accomplish without having to tear down some of the vacant buildings in the area or renovating the current ones.  These changes will cost more money to complete, although in the end, it would be a great benefit to the city of Norfolk.

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